updated 8:45 AM EET, Oct 30, 2023

2019 April-June Volume 5 Issue 2

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The Coronary Microcirculation – from the Basic Research to CMR Imaging – Part II

Danijela Trifunovic, Natalija Gavrilovic, Jelena Dudic

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Salt and Hypertension

Adrian Covic, Stefana Catalina Bilha, Dragos Scripcariu, Mehmet Kanbay

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New and older proofs regarding the reliability of Automatic Blood Pressure Monitoring in the management of hypertension

Horia Balan

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Interrelationship between Clinical Characteristics, Socio-Economic Barriers and Quality of Life in Patients with Hypertension

Catalina Liliana Andrei, Nicoleta Avram, Andreea Lacraru, Crina Julieta Sinescu

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Is NSTEMI different than STEMI in young patients?

A.M. Andronescu, C.S. Stamate, A.C. Nechita, R.L. Ploesteanu, M.M. Vintila, Maria Dorobantu

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Left ventricular dysfunction in hypertensive patients with atrial fibrillation and preserved ejection fraction

Ioana Gabriela Petre, Alexandra Diaconeasa, Sebastian Onciul, Silvia Iancovici, Diana Zamfir, Monica Stoian, Alina Scarlatescu, Maria Dorobantu

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