updated 8:45 AM EET, Oct 30, 2023

2016 October-December Volume 2 Issue 4

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A plea for interdisciplinarity: Cardiodiabetology - Arterial Hypertension Branch

Constantin Ionescu-Tirgoviste 

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Erectile dysfunction: Cardiology at the epicenter

Michael Doumas, Kostas Stavropoulos, Kostas Imprialos, Chrysoula Boutari 

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New national epidemiological survey for the assessment of trend in hypertension's prevalence, treatment and control among the adult population of Romania: SEPHAR III - design and methodology

Maria Dorobantu, Roxana Darabont, Doina Dimulescu, Crina Sinescu, Paul Gusbeth Tatomir, Catalina Arsenescu Georgescu, Florin Mitu, Daniel Lighezan, Calin Pop, Katalin Babes, Alina Giuca, Ileana Branza, Mihaela Udrescu, Valeria Herdea, Oana Tautu

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Severe hypertension in a young patient. What is the cause?

Oana Tautu, Camelia Acatrinei, Viorel Poalelungi, Maria Dorobantu 

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Unexpected cause for subacute cardiac tamponade in a hypertensive patient

Alexandra Acostachioae, Alexandru Deaconu, Silvia Iancovici, Maria Dorobantu 

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